Health Benefits of Yoga

It’s well known that yoga has several benefits for those who practice regularly. These benefits include boosts in both mental and physical health since yoga is a holistic approach to staying active and being mindful.

Practicing yoga can improve flexibility, mindfulness, posture, muscle strength, and blood flow.

By staying flexible, you can avoid problems associated with tight and stiff muscles. For example, if your hamstrings are tight, it can cause stress on your lower back. If your neck muscles are tight, you may have trouble with back and shoulder pain. With some light stretching through yoga, the muscles will loosen, easing the pressure on surrounding areas. 

Yoga also keeps you aware and in tune with your mind and body. This is called “mindfulness” and can be extremely beneficial for your mental health. Being mindful is essentially the practice of living in the present; it’s taking a moment to ground yourself, clear your mind, and tune into your body and thoughts. We tend to lead such busy lives, surrounded by technology, friends, family, relationships, and work, that we have a hard time stopping it all and tuning into ourselves. Being mindful helps you organize those jumbled thoughts and tune into your body.

Think about it– your head is like a bowling ball. Most people have poor posture and tend to slouch. When our heavy, bowling-ball-heads slouch forward, our neck and spine work extra hard to hold it up, straining and fatiguing us every day. When your head is properly balanced on your spine, you can live without strain and be pain-free. 

Our bodies are also programmed to crave movement. Through movement and breath, our blood becomes oxygenated and flows fresh to our organs, keeping us happy and healthy. 

Well, what are you waiting for?

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