While yoga has it’s roots in ancient and esoteric practices, yoga is now something that is accessible to all people. At Precision Yoga and Fitness in Houston, we foster an environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and centered on learning.

We strive to create an atmosphere that is based on positivity. You will never feel judgement or negativity, and you can expect to be welcomed with open arms.

In order to help us maintain this environment, there is some basic etiquette you can follow.

Firstly, leave your cell phone off or on silent and in another room. This is essential in creating a distraction free, serene atmosphere. It also gives others in your class the chance to focus on their spirituality.

Also, wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for the type of yoga you will be learning. Some classes encourage more loose fitting clothes, while others are best with cropped tops. Make sure your clothing gives you the range of motion and flexibility you will need.

Please also do not chat with others or do anything that can distract or disturb others in the class. Everyone should have the opportunity to relax and engage in meditation during class.