Top Benefits of Yoga for Chiropractic Care

Yoga-Chiropractic-CareThough the roots of yoga date back more than 5,000 years, the exercise has only recently exploded in popularity in the United States. In fact, studies indicate that more than 36 million Americans currently do yoga today compared to about 20.5 million in 2012. This is all for good reason, as yoga’s benefits include everything from stress reduction to greater flexibility. Noting this, it’s perhaps no surprise that yoga has more recently become synonymous with chiropractic care – and we see that at our very own studio, Precision Yoga and Fitness.

As you likely know, chiropractors help treat patients experiencing back pain. While performing yoga alone is unlikely to provide back pain relief, the exercise has proven to be a nice complementary activity to any chiropractic care plan. Here’s a look at why:

1. Yoga Promotes Joint and Ligament Strength

Yoga is an exercise that helps your entire body, from head to toe. What’s more is that unlike other exercises, such as weightlifting, yoga doesn’t just focus on the large muscles, but the smaller and often ignored joints and ligaments as well. This, in turn, translates to a better balanced total body. When your entire body is stronger, it’s likely going to respond better to other treatments.

2. Yoga Offers A Good Warm-up

While yoga is a beneficial exercise in and of itself, it can also be a great warm-up exercise before you see a chiropractor. That’s because yoga helps loosen up tense muscles while relaxing the body and mind at the same time. When yoga is performed as a precursor to seeing a chiropractor, the doctor can get right to your treatment and you’ll be more relaxed to boot.

3. Yoga Helps Prevent Injury

Studies have indicated that complementing chiropractic care with yoga is proven to lead to an overall healthier body with a reduced likelihood of further injury. That’s largely because yoga and chiropractic treatment both aim to align and balance the body. Combine this with yoga’s ability to aide flexibility, relieve muscle tension and help the joints, and the exercise can be a nice one-two punch with chiropractic care.

4. Yoga Lifts Your Spirits

If you’re experiencing back pain, we understand how it might affect your overall mood. After all, nobody wants to be injured. Again, this is where yoga and chiropractic treatment go hand-in-hand. In addition to complementing chiropractic care, yoga can also help elevate your mood. In fact, all exercises are proven to life spirits. That’s because when you exercise, endorphins – or natural chemicals that are known to elevate mood – are released into your bloodstream. Certain chiropractic treatments, like deep tissue massages, can also help improve your mood.

While you might associate yoga as an exercise for women, it’s a perfect activity for men too. In fact, the number of men doing yoga is currently estimated at around 10 million. What’s more is that yoga is a great exercise for those who are young and those who are old. As a standalone activity, yoga is great for your body and for your mental health. If can also be beneficial if you’re undergoing treatment for other issues, like back pain.

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